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Absent Ginsberg Now Available

We are thrilled to announce that the books are now live on both the Amazon Kindle site and on Amazon Marketplace for the physical book.

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Hi all, Just a quick announcement to apologise for the lack of activity on this site for the last couple of months. Both Jim and I have had major changes … Continue reading

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“Uprooted” by Will Vigar

‘You live in your bloody head far too much,’ said Dad, ‘get into the world; away from all those damned books and fancy. We’re building an orchard’ – in the … Continue reading

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“I Lost My Heart to a Delph Run Wench” by R.M. Francis

Sure, ‘er’s got pink lips an’ slick limbs an’ ‘er does more, by ten, for others than ‘erself, but iss more about ‘ow ‘er eye looks when ‘er suddenly stops … Continue reading

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“Three City Poems – 3” by Nick Daniel

When I leave the parking lot I see the sun still there between the bus stop and the Chevrolet sales room –   circular magma cauldron, ******and the dust darkening … Continue reading

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“Three City Poems – 2” by Nick Daniel

lizard of sun, hot
flicker of jazz,

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“Three City Poems – 1” by Nick Daniel

outside, body shades on the walkway,

girls’ naked midriffs

tender as wax –

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“Nature’s Flaw” by Paul Wooldridge

The tiring days and nights alone
with stillness waiting through each door.

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Good news!

At the time of writing, Absent Ginsberg is the best selling poetry anthology on the kindle store…

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Absent No More . . .

As you can see from the low quality picture, the high quality and frankly beautiful book “Absent Ginsberg: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry” has arrived at Chez Exit. Not only … Continue reading

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